Southampton Youth Board


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • First Wednesday of each month, except July and August
  • Town Hall,
    Lower-Level Meeting Room
    116 Hampton Road
    Southampton, NY 11968


  • Nicole Keller - Term expires August 2021
  • Debbie Skinner - Term expires August 2021
  • Victoria Urbelis - Term expires August 2021
  • Keith Indovino - Term expires 2021 
  • Tori Laureano - Term expires 2021
  • Eric Plum - Term expires 2021
  • Aiyana Smith - Term expires 2021
  • Dulce Vasquez - Term expires August 2021
  • Jaimie Bowden - Term expires August 2021
  • Staff Member, Parks & Recreation Dept. - Term expires August 2021
  • P.O. Eric Plum, Southampton Police Dept.-Term expires August 2022

  • Nancy Lynott, Director, Southampton Youth Bureau

About the Youth Board

To advise the Town Board of necessary measures and put into effect those measures most suitable to supplement and aid in coordinating the work and activities of all public and private agencies, as well as religious and social institutions, for the promotion of the moral, physical, mental, and social well-being of the youth of this town, as well as for the prevention of delinquency and youth crime, by fostering services aimed at strengthening family life and enabling all youth to attain their fullest individual potential.